Martha, Vol 1 : please do not spit in the garden   | June 2018

A grape had slipped his grasp, a two-part ekphrastic text in which Bacchus drops a grape and Helen sits upon it, meets his gaze, is held within MARTHA volume I: please do not spit in the garden, an online and printed periodical magazine featuring the work of artists.


The issue includes writing by Angelica Calderon, Ashton Hudgins, Audrey Meehan, Beatrice Orlandi, Bryan Rodriguez Campana, Cameron Spratley, Carla Garlaschi, Colleen Billing, Daonne Huff, David Johnson, Ehab Aljabi, Emma Clayton, Ethan Green, Jeanette Mundt, Jett Strauss, Josh Minkus, Kiah Music-Endelman, Malcom Peacock, Nabila Dadabhoy, Natalia Rebelo, Olivia Berkowicz, Riley Duncan, Spencer Binondo, Valerie Suter.

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