How do We make a We, Compagnia  | June 2018

Up/Skirt, a lyric poem looking at the relationship between Demeter, Persephone, Baubo and the lake, is included in How Do We Make a We, a publication that grew out of the Ratti Foundation’s XXIII CSAV artists’ research laboratory Language and Sound as Sculpture held in Como, Italy, in the summer of 2017.

Designed by Claudia de la Torre and Gregorio Magnani in collaboration with the participants, the publication investigates how sound, performance and language may become tools in the creation of a ‘we’ that is both capable of agency and in a continuous process of dismantling itself and of an ‘I’ that is always at war with itself.

The XXIII CSAV was : Lorenzo Benedetti, Hannah Black, Isaac Contreras, Michael Dean, Claudia de la Torre, Kiah Endelman Music, Hugo Esquinca, Romain Grateau, Russel Haswell, Karl Holmqvist, Doris Hardeman, Marine Julie’, Annett Kottek, Youngjae Lih, Gregorio Magnani, Jan Moszumanski Kotwica, Annie Ratti, Natalia Rebelo, Sara Rodrigues, Alex Turgeon, Titus Wonsey and Giulia Zabarella

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